Lotta Borg Skoglund

Läkare, forskare, författare och föreläsare med ADHD i fokus

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Bokrelease: ADHD Girls to Women

Nu finns ADHD - från duktig flicka till utbränd kvinna på engelska!

"ADHD Girls to Women: Getting on the Radar gives clear and compelling insights behind and beyond the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Focusing on key topics for female ADHDers such as hormones, mental health, family life and the workplace, women will feel seen and heard in ways which have been missing for years. This text will be top of my list for recommended reads."

Publicerad: 2023-11-21

ADHD - Girls to Women in English!

In this book, which is very dear to my heart, I aim to, through research, facts, and stories from women I have met, describe how ADHD can manifest in girls and women, and what support is available.

Also available as an audiobook and e-book

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Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 978-18-05-010548